Thursday, January 10, 2008

"The Canaanite Woman"


This is technically yesterday's artwork--just didn't get to the posting part! The illustration is for an article by Kathy Coffey for St. Anthony Messenger and is copyrighted (as is all the work on this blog). The article is about the story of the woman from Canaan who implores Jesus to heal her daughter even though she isn't of the "right" beliefs or place. He gives her a bit of a hard time but is impressed with her boldness, her faith and her standing up for herself and her daughter. I never cared much for the story because he seemed so unkind in it. Reading the article, though, made me think about how I often need to be challenged to live into my strengths and to be more assertive in claiming what I want in my life. . .and now the story makes more sense to me.

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