Monday, January 28, 2008

"Lone Pine Road"

Oil on Canvas

I'm trying to take what I like with the small paintings and see if I can carry it over into larger ones. I've got to say that it seems to be alot harder to do than it seems that it ought to be! For one thing, it's hard for me to go at something for the second time with a fresh eye and not just wanting to copy what I did before. And, too, I see that you can't make "happy accidents" happen! It's interesting to me that this painting has more the feel of the neutral/bland landscape that is characteristic of this area, but I prefer the color in the previous version--I like the reds in it.

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Jeffrey J. Boron said...

I would agree with you Vicki and about the reds as well. Though I like both of the larger ones they probably should be judged on their own. Although I do really like both approaches the loosness of the small pieces where so immediate and bold.

Great stuff here!!!


Vicki Shuck said...

Thanks, Jeffrey! You're right about the different sizes needing to be judged on their own. I think I was hoping to create the same results on a larger scale. I also think I'm a closet control freak. . .!