Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Which Way Now?"

Oil on Board
$100 includes domestic s/h
I was looking at H. Malott's blog the other day--I've admired her work, among others, for a long time. Her paintings from Italy inspired me to try this and to keep it loose. She's so good at letting the brushstroke suggest what's happening rather than having to "get all the details just right". I find that it's almost harder for me to let it be than to have to define everything. This might not seem all that loose, but if you could see the painting of the same subject I did 6 months ago, you'd see a huge difference! I like this much better. . .

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I found Jeffrey Boron's work from his comments on mine and really enjoy it! His landscapes glow with the way he uses color. They remind me of the Canadian artist, Tommy Thompson. Jeffrey is as good at depicting the clear cold light-filled air as Thompson was. His paintings make me feel that atmosphere. I hope you will click on his name and visit his website!

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