Friday, January 25, 2008

"The Old Flesher Farm"

Oil on Board

Again, I wanted to work with more paint and looseness. I noticed yesterday how doing this makes me put a different focus on the painting. If I am being tighter with my strokes, I find myself paying attention to the objects themselves primarily and the whole is secondary. When I am using broader strokes, the opposite happens. It's like the tighter the painting, the more specific everything is and the looser the painting is, the more "general"--if that makes sense! I find it very hard to give up the urge to "correct" something in order to make it look more realistic. It's almost like a need to prove that I can achieve realism! Stopping short of that more realistic portrayal (as I try to let the painting be more about the brushstrokes, composition and color than it is about the specifics presented) is, for me, a good exercise in letting go, allowing a little slack in the reins. . .Having said all that, the subject is a precious one for me: it is down the road a half mile from the farm I grew up on which is still about my favorite place ever.

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Don Gray said...

You nailed it, Vicki--this is a beautiful study! Really appreciate your comments here as well. I fight a similar battle to try to escape my tendency to over-refine. You are winning the fight!

Thanks for your comment on my blog--I'm happy to get to know your fine work.

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Really loving your latest work Vicki! Your letting your art spirit glow, wonderful.


indiaartist said...

It is wonderful. Thank you for posting.

Trine said...

I love your bold and rough brush strokes. I hope to see you soon on DP.